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No, not really. It's an exageration. One could register the domain, but that would be an exageration too, and I prefer the direction of this one; I would rather say, "Come on now, it's not as bad as all that. Sure, there's room for improvement, but on the whole it's quite exciting, don't you think?" rather than "Oh dear, theatre is so not great."

And I should probably add a subdomain, make it, since theatre is regional, and who knows, perhaps there are places in the world where

What gets reviewed is determined to a large extent by my wallet. I'm low income, so mainly go to shows where I get comps or which have pay what you can nights or cheap ticket talk backs or whatever. And this also grows out of my theatre journal. Ideally I would make an entry after every show I saw, but too often it would slide. This is essentially a journal entry, and as such, you may notice that the audience isn't the same as for a newspaper review; the intended audience is people who seriously love theatre and probably practice it.